It’s all in my Head

Do you ever get that feeling that you have so much going on in your head you simply don’t know where to start ? Well I pretty much have this a lot, just like millions of other people in the world ! It basically means I have to sort out my head, re-organise and prioritise in order to work out what’s going on. I need to focus on small tasks that have built up and eliminate them from my mind, then move on to 1 thing at a time, I can’t be creative when my mind is full of too many ideas, chaos, dreams, worries, deadlines & the endless list of day to day activities. My brain can only truly focus and handle one thing at a time. I love writing to do lists, this helps free all the back log, if I manage 50% of what is on my list, I have done a pretty fucking good job. Ticking one thing off your list that keeps reoccurring is heaven for your brain, finding a solution to a problem is pure bliss for the brain, exercise is also a magically remedy for your brain. Run out your thoughts, rationalise your emotions & label your ideas. I have carried around so much emotional baggage in my life from my childhood it took me 3 marathons to run it out, through wind, rain, storms, sunshine and rainbows I sorted out my shit and moved on. My family, my art, my CrossFit & my running are my haven, this is what keeps me from being some neurotic, irrational, depressed being with too much stuff in her head. If I find myself overthinking I know what to do and this in return makes it No Big Deal.

Over thinking, no big deal !!!!! Break it down & sort it out ! Move on, start a project, focus, exercise, go outside & breathe some fresh air, walk in nature, eat healthy & do at least one thing a day you really enjoy or love.

love, peace & happiness
My haven is my family, my creativity, my sport.

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