“It” is what you want “it” to be

I nailed it !!!! We hear this expression more and more but when do we “nail it” ? When something is just right, when you have achieved something, when you have passed an exam, reached a goal, completed a challenge and so on and so on. My kind of “nailed it” is literally nailing the word “IT” Taking nails and the expression “nailed it” I have busied myself with creating  a series of art work relating to nails. ©Nailed-It by Lynda JayneHammering, sorting,  varnishing, gluing, photographing, filming & painting rusty old nails & new nails has been a weekly event of mine for the last 2 years. Very therapeutic, very challenging, very creative & totally my thing. Funnily enough the last thing on my mind is “what have I nailed” I have been more conscious about what other people consider they have nailed ! When do we nail it and what is it ? I came to this very simply conclusion, ” It is what you want it to be”

And that for me basically hits the nail on the head.

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