Nailed it

On-Line Art Exhibition ‘Nailed it’

FaceBook EVENT HERE This has been a long time coming, after years of creativity, planning, making, hammering, drilling and sorting out rusty old nails, I have reached the point whereby I feel brave, bold and ready to exhibit my work. Many of you have seen glimpses of my work, but not the full monty, many have heard about my work, but not the full story, many have shown interest, but don’t quiet get it.Nailed it Look no further, everything will be revealed in my On-Line Art Exhibition, coming to your lap top, note book, mobile, ipad, computer screen starting on the 7th September 2019, I will be showing my work for the world to view.

My On-Line Exhibition can be viewed via my FaceBook Event

Please click HERE

It would be amazing if 1000’s of people showed an interest in my work, my ideas, my art is my language and I truly want to communicate with as many people as possible through my art, I am after all an artist.

Please be a huge part in helping me NAIL this exhibition so I can wave my hands in the air and shout out YES

I Lynda Jayne ‘Nailed it’

With compassion in my heart I send out 1000’s of thank you’s.

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