My father was only 47yrs old when he died. So young, too young, I know there are so many things he didn’t get to do, I’m sure he had dreams & endless ideas put on hold for when he had time. But time was not on his side.
I was 13yrs old when my dad passed away. I have missed him my entire adult life, I was a daddies girl, he had so many hopes for me & he believed in me. My father was the only man in my life who loved me unconditionally, he kept me safe, he gave me self confidence, he told me I could be whoever I wanted to be and he never had a bad word to say about anyone. I loved him so much.

When I reached the age of 47, some years ago I got to thinking about all the things I still need to do, want to do, have to do, must do !!!!!! And what if my life were to end now, what if this was my time to go and I thought really long and hard about this. First of all I would be really pissed off, angry, so fucking up-set if my time was now ! And this is why I have dedicated this project to my Dad. I have written a list of 47 things I want to do, this list will be carried out over the next year and documented, I consider myself to be very lucky because I am a healthy person. If health is on your side, consider yourself lucky.

47 things I want to do.

To start off my journey of 47 I will light 47 candles for my Dad

  1. Light 47 candels
  2. Write 47 letters to 47 people who have helped me, inspired me & been there for me in my life.
  3. Cook & recommend 47 new recipes
  4. Have coffee with 47 people I don’t know (not all at the same time:)
  5. Sell 47 pieces of my own art work
  6. Have my photo taken with 47 strangers
  7. Inspire 47 people to change something about their lives to live healthier
  8. Learn to count to 47 in another language (or more languages)
  9. Give away 47 things, anything !!!
  10. Smile at 47 people and check out the return quoters
  11. Spend 47hrs painting a special picture
  12. Make 47 different smoothies/juices
  13. Make 47 paper hearts and give them away
  14. Create a WOD named 47 (CrossFit)
  15. Photograph 47 different living rooms spontaneously drop by for a visit !
  16. Sit still for 47 minutes
  17. Publish on the net 47 of my poems
  18. Tie 47 yellow ribbons on 47 different tree
  19. Photograph 47 house numbers with the number 47
  20. Clean 47kg – 47 times
  21. Write 47 personal things about myself
  22. List of 47 THINGS I love
  23. Run 47km
  24. Buy 47 flowers & give them away one for one
  25. Pay 47 people a compliment in one day (a different compliment at that)
  26. Hug 47 people on one day (not my birthday or other special events) JUST SO
  27. Make 47 paper boats and float them
  28. Do 47 consecutive wall balls (I so dislike wall balls) !!!!
  29. Burn off 47cal as quickly as possible on the assault bike, nasty !!! This will hurt
  30. Photograph 47 bridges, I love bridges
  31. Jump on bus number 47, just to see where I end up !
  32. Ask the same question to 47 different people
  33. Post 47 photographs reflecting beauty
  34. Publish 47 poems I have written, even the terrible ones
  35. Sign 47 petitions, I feel strongly about
  36. Write down 47 things I can’t stand !
  37. Write down 47 moments in my life I truly missed having my Dad around
  38. 47 things that make me smile
  39. 47 things that made/make me cry
  40. Read 47 stories about women and be inspired

To be continued…………..