Kill the Sugar

Killing the sugar is no easy job ! Sugar is highly addictive ( as we all know), tastes amazing, readily available everywhere, easy to use & bloody hard work for your body . For the love of my health, body & mind as well as for the absolute love of my new art project ‘Kill the Sugar” IMG_2552I have challenged myself to 60 days of no sugar. What does that mean !!! Well no sugar to start with including no sweets, candy,  biscuits, cookies, cakes, pies, soft drinks, fizzy drinks, juices, syrups, chocolate, many jams & marmalades, chocolate paste, majority of processed foods, canned fruit etc, etc you get the picture. Which makes going shopping very simple !

I started my challenge on the 1.1.2018 and on the 3.1.2018 while out for a coffee, at Bagels & Beans (in Utrecht where I live),  I chocolate coffee beansautomatically did what I so often do, dipped into the chocolate coffee beans readily available for all to eat on my table !!! So my 60 days start over new because I didn’t put my no sugar conscious thinking head into action ! In this process I will be effectively ‘Killing the Sugar’ and posting new photos over via blog & my Instagram account, this is such a fun photography project to do and I am hoping to encourage others to question how much sugar they take in & spread the word “kill the sugar before it kills you”

Sweets are my worse enemy, to be more specific Mentos peppermint balls & jawbreakers bubble gum. These 2 are the most difficult for me to give up, but I know I have to kill them !!

I just need to work out how ! “Sugar for thought”

kill the sugar

Playing with sugar !!! “Sugar Cube Stacking” 


“Kill the Sugar” Hang the little red Gummy Bastard !!!! 

Hanging gummy bear