Nailed it

The long road ahead to ‘Nailing It’
My ‘Nailed It’ idea took years to get off the ground. And this is how it all began. We lived in a house with a wood burning stove and when times were hard we burnt wooded pallets. cropped-img_1449.jpgEvery time I cleaned out the bottom of the wood burner I was fascinated with the left over nails, how individual they all were, the different shapes, levels of damage, the variety of colours, I simply could not disregard them and throw them away. So I started collecting them ! Like one does. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, I just threw them all in an old metal bucket and left it in the garden. I had so save them & save them I did.
The nails stacked up & after five years I finally had my own space, my own art studio to start and work on my thing, my project I am so going to ‘nail it’ !!!!!
So how do you bring rusty old nails to life? With great difficulty I may add as well as an abundance of patience and heaps of time, tolerance and of course creativity.  But first comes the idea, so I got to thinking a lot about nails and when I thought about nails this is what I originally came up with:
Hit the nail on the head, as hard as nails, nails in my coffin, eat nails for breakfast, nail varnish, hammered, nailed it, nailed him, nailed her, nail biting, bed of nails and so my journey begins.